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A New Website, A New Blog

Although I started my business back in August of 2017, I thought it was time to start a blog as well.  I have done a few YouTube videos as well.  We put up an e-commerce store last year, but had some trouble with the hosting and other technical issues.  So, we opted to go to another e-commerce site and hosting to better serve our customers.  I am hopeful that this will be better for the company and make the experience for you, our customers, easier and more user friendly!

I am blessed to have a son who is a computer programmer and willing to build the website.  Not to mention he has to help his mother understand and learn the process.  I love computers and working on the website, but not quite as much as crafting!  I could spend all my time creating if possible, but we all know that cannot happen.

I absolutely love to craft!  My mom taught me how to sew and crochet when I was quite young and it took off from there.  I have sewn my own clothes along with a myriad of other items, including doing alterations and my daughter-in-law's bridesmaids and maid of honor's dresses for her wedding.  Of course, I (and surely I cannot be the only one) cannot have just one passion when it comes to crafting.  I also love paper crafting, although I have not made anything to actually sell.  I do make cards for those that are close friends and family at times.  About 10 years ago I decided to learn how to knit and now knit more than I crochet.  My love for real wool yarn started then as my niece introduced me to the luxury yarns and I have never gone back.  In 2017, I took the foray into hand dyeing yarn and yet another passion was born!  I opened my Etsy store in August of 2017 and had my first trunk show at The Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Michigan.  I am not the only one who got their start from Lindsay Potter, owner of The Yarn Garden, and am ever thankful to her for such a great friendship as well as invaluable advice over the years and input as I started my fiber business.  I have been to several fiber related shows and will continue with those in the future.

So, stay posted for updates on shows, new yarns, new colors, and whatever else might be going on!

Happy treasure hunting

Missy :)

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